Khatib Wael Alkhario   
শুক্রবার, ১২ মে ২০১৭
In his Friday sermon (Khutba) Khatib Wael Alkhario said the musallah (prayer place) is not a uni-gender place. He was giving his Khutba at the 3rd shift of the Jumma prayer on Friday May 5, at the newly opened extension of the ADAMS Center at Sterling, VA. A former President and an activist of the ADAMS Center, Br. Zaka, said the $7.8 million dollar extension was opened with the Fazar prayer earlier in the morning. The three-day opening ceremony will end on Sunday including a fund-raising dinner and social gathering on Saturday evening. An art exhibition by the ADAMS Center student will remain open all three days. The community has been invited to tour the center between 3 and 4 on Sunday afternoon. Br. Zaka told that each cent spent on the extension program was donation from the musallies (the prayer goers) and there is no government or corporation participation.
The ADAMS Center moved from its temporary location at Herndon, VA to its permanent and current home at Sterling VA in 2002.  The ADAMS Center’s activities are not limited to the Islamic prayer and education only. It has a wide range of activities including interfaith activities, Boy and Girl Scout Program, Community services, Youth program, and a free medical service for all. It educates people how to participate in the mainstream political activities. The ADAMS Center invites political leaders from all parties and creates opportunity for meeting between leaders and the community. However, ADAMS does not endorse or support any particular view, candidate or party.  Br. Zaka said the ADAMS Center holds 25 Jumma Prayers on each Friday at 11 different locations throughout Northern Virginia. . The new extension center where five daily prayers and Jumma prayers will be held, has a visitor’s balcony from where visiting non-Muslims may observe the Islamic prayer. The ADAMS Center now can accommodate 900 musallies on a single shift of prayer.
After each Jumma prayer on the opening day of the new extension, interested musallies were taken around the new extension and art exhibition display.
After the prayer during our conversation, I specifically asked Khatib Wael Alkhario, might I quote him on his remark about uni-gender participation at the mosque? He said “of course”. He said the history and Hadith support his views. Khatib Wael Alkhario further said, before the days of Islam, the male members of Maccan society were very “rough” with their women folks and did not let them out the house. The Prophet did not endorse that view.
Caption to the attached photo: A view of the new extension of the ADAMS Center.