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Projonmo Talkies: Short Stories. Big Ideas. Bigger dreams. প্রিন্ট কর
Rehman Sobhan Sonet   
বুধবার, ২৬ এপ্রিল ২০১৭

At first glance, it looks like just another Facebook page. Maybe your fingers take a break from scrolling down your newsfeed and you spend a couple of extra seconds to read what the post has to say; but it still remains just another Facebook page with a somewhat unusual name. But once you start going through what they have to offer, you say to yourself, “Wait a minute! There might be more to this!”. You notice their efforts of connecting social issues, this generation, and their love of films in one single thread. And then you finally realize what they just might have in store for you.

Their Facebook page bio reads, “A voice has limitless potential; a voice has the ability to change everything it sets out to change. Then why does it feel like the voice of this generation is always ignored?”

So, what is Projonmo Talkies? Simply put, it is Bangladesh’s first anthology-based web series. They have set out to establish a platform that will translate the big ideas and contemporary social issues in the form of short films. They think that films should be the weapon for the changemakers of our generation.

After three seasons as the popular youth-based show Projonmo Agami on Channel I, the format has been completely revamped and as Projonmo Talkies, it has found its new home on YouTube.

Despite the digital boom our country is on the verge of experiencing at the moment, the online entertainment landscape is still underexplored. Despite some really good creators, the majority of the online contributors seem to rely heavily on click-baits, cheap jokes, shoddy production skills combined with an overall disregard for depth and sincerity.

Projonmo Talkies promises high quality content that the audience crave and rightfully deserve. Both in terms of the stories they want to tell and how they want to tell them. They believe that this generation deserves a better breed of entertainment. So, why not let this be the start?

The first season has 10 short films and each of them will have 10 different stories to tell. The series premiers with the first film “Eki Pothe” on 20 April and you will be able to watch the films both on their YouTube channel and on, their website. “Eki Pothe” is a short film based eminent author Shahaduzzaman’s short story ‘Thakurer Shonge’. The Film deals with the post partition landscape in Bangladesh, how made-up borders affect a person’s yearning of getting back to his roots.

The films might be short. But the horizon seems to be much much bigger.

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