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১৯ জানুয়ারী ২০১৮, শুক্রবার      
International Mother Language Day প্রিন্ট কর
Fultara desk   
শনিবার, ৩০ মার্চ ২০১৩

With so many International Mother Language Day festivities this year, the fultara team had many events to choose from to where to give their own tribute to our dear old yet powerful monument the “Shohid Minar”.

We did so at the event of where not one or two, but seven Bengali associations form the Washington Metropolitan Area came together to present a successful program in honor of International Mother Language Day and to give their own flowers as remembrance for such an historical day. There the News-Bangla Fultara team also joined to be a part of such a large event for an important cause as seen in the photo above.
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