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The Challenge with Bangladesh Democracy প্রিন্ট কর
Mahfuz R. Chowdhury   
বুধবার, ১১ আগস্ট ২০১০
The history of democracy in Bangladesh has been very tumultuous to say the least.
Reflectionsঃ Einstein the Atomic Bomb and World Peace প্রিন্ট কর
By Azizul Jalil   
বুধবার, ১১ আগস্ট ২০১০

“There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels?

Usual bye was final goodbye প্রিন্ট কর
News-bangla desk   

 “It was a usual goodbye. He did not tell me anything special before leaving. Just kissed me goodbye, waved and left like any other day,” said Mishuk Munier's son Shuhrid choked by emotions.

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